Healing and God’s Protection from Kevin Greenfield

Dear Saints and Prayer Warriors, I humbly ask for your fervent prayer. I was a Federal Police captain for the U.S. DoD. My supervisors lied on me, and I was fired. Since then [he] they have oppressed me. Blocked my emails, stolen my mail, blocked cells calls, and has blocked potential employers for over 5 years. Their obsession to suppress the truth has been demonic. State sponsored harassment and terrorism. Recently, i have been poisoned. It caused my right side Kidney area to swell and a mass to grow in the stomach. I have been to the ER 4 times and have been refused treatment. So my bosses [Dobbins and Amorosso’s (at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Police department/ Battalion)] conspiracy to murder me runs deep. This is far more evil and satanic than thought before. Prior, they were many attempts to run me or my 70 year mother off the road. the criminal activity against me and my family is massive!! My request to the saints is that the Saints pray that the lord will public expose my harassers and bosses. That the Lord will deliver us from this evil harassment, to include restraining orders of protection. That we have Favor with Judges. That I have favor in court, victory, that I will be granted back federal employee status, my retirement and back pay returned to me immediately.


In the course of all of this, we had our home stolen by mortgage Fraudsters that took advantage. The lord restored Job in the bible. Please pray the same for us, that we will be restored completely, with a angelic hedge of protection from God himself that can’t be broken. Nahum 1:9. God Bless you all. Know that I am praying for you too. And God bless you for taking the time to read this long message.

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