Please pray for Jenn who suffers with numerous complications from Lupus

Please be in prayer for my friend, Jenn. She has lupus and just about every complication that is possible. Jenn was hospitalized for several weeks in April/May and nearly died. Thankfully, she pulled through and has been at home recovering. On Friday, she was diagnosed with aseptic meningitis (meningitis without a bacterial or viral cause), a serious lupus flare, TIAs (mini strokes), and a number of other problems; and is admitted to a hospital in Pittsburg, PA. Because of her health she has had to give up a job she loved. Through her illnesses, she has written a book and is quite an advocate for lupus awareness. Jenn has been through more in life than any one person should have to endure. If I told you all of it, you would not believe me; yet she always remains positive and hopeful for the future. Jenn looks awful right now, and I just don’t know how much more her body can handle. She is an inspiration to me, with her positive outlook and her faith. Please pray for God’s healing hand; and if that is not His will, please pray that her passing will be quiet and peaceful. Thank you, all.

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